Attention all You Tube users !

Hello everyone !

I’ve been writing on this website for 6 months now and I’m always trying to find ways to improve it. I’ve been contemplating doing something like this for awhile, but now I’m finally going to through with it. It’s my pleasure to announce that I will be doing video posts of reviews and other related Entertainment news. The first video could be out as early as tomorrow afternoon, but don’t go looking for anything until I post a link on the site. Again, I want to thank everyone for their support. It’s been 6 months and each day keeps getting better and better.

Thanks a lot !


My newfound far fetched understanding of Wolf of Wall Street using Justin Bieber Antics


Recently, I found a light in seeing this whole Justin Bieber incident everywhere on the news. For people who don’t know what happened, but I highly doubt you don’t know, Bieber was caught drag racing under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Also, he was resisting arrest and giving cops attitude. He was only in jail for a day and made his $2,500 bail.

I read newspapers online on a regular basis to try to find some entertainment news, but this wasn’t just in entertainment. This was front page news. Now, as frustrated as I was to see this kids mug shot on front page news, I finally found a comparison to Wolf of Wall Street that can help me finally understand how I felt about the film. Don’t let power take over you. Justin Bieber, obviously rich and famous, let it take over him. He made some stupid decisions and let his influences get the best of him. Does that make him weak? He’s obviously not as smart as Jordan Belfort was, who was addiction to drugs, sex and money.

For some sick reason, and some of you may not draw such a comparison, this Justin Bieber incident made me think a lot about Wolf of Wall Street, and in turn, made me realize that I did enjoy it. The film showed what power and money could do to you and didn’t hold back on showing that. I didn’t think about it till now, but the film did make a slight impact on the way I view celebrities actions. The film showed the realities of such an epidemic, and we are just watching this celebrities ruin their lives.

I believe, if you’re going to use your money and power to do bad things, than you aren’t ready to possess such luxury. Therefore, it should be taken away from you. However, I understand it’s not that easy. Certain stars like Justin Bieber need to realize that their money buys more than their fame and luxuries. Their money also buys their fans. For Justin Bieber to be urinating in mop buckets, egging houses, assaulting people and drag racing, he’s lost his ability to connect with his fans. He’s only thinking about himself. That’s what fame and money can do to you. That’s why I now full understand and can admit I throughly enjoyed The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan Belfort, who I can admit was never really the best person to begin with, used his knowledge on the stock market to illegally take peoples money and become rich off of them. He hurts a lot of people with his greed and power.

Before I go, I’d like to apologize for adding another article to the worlds Justin Bieber archives of articles. I couldn’t help but draw a comparison to a film about greed and power. To be honest, I never want to be rich. However, I believe that I’m responsible for my actions. Soon enough, Justin Bieber will soon get what’s coming to him. No doubt, he was probably a great kid back in the day. He needs some help, and I’m hoping that his parents can maybe help him out a little bit. They say money doesn’t buy you happiness and I completely understand that now. Money can do tricky things to you. It could change you and make you become greedy and selfish. However, that’s if you’re not greedy and selfish to begin with.

A little message from yours truly.

Dear readers,

As I lay here, watching The Little Mermaid and job searching, I pounder on my future and what it’s going to be like. No doubt that I’m absolutely terrified and have no idea what I’m gonna do, but I still try as hard as I can to apply for jobs because I really need to start my future. The thing is, without a doubt or a second thought, this is what I want my future to be. I want to write for this website and maybe to make a future out of the knowledge I have for movies.

For all you bloggers out there who love what you’re doing, my advice to you is to keep doing it as if it means the world to you, because this means the world to me. My dream would absolutely come true if I could do this for the rest of my life. Sure, you’re going to have your critics, but that’s the whole fun of it. You learn from your mistakes and do your own thing. I’m writing this post for a purpose, and that purpose is because I just love to write.

If you haven’t found a job yet, and you feel as frustrated as I do, just be patient and try not to worry. Things can change in an instant. Just try the best you can to stand out above the rest, but always maintain who you are because that’s the most important thing. Work hard doing what you love because I guarantee you, if you love your job, it doesn’t feel like working.

To conclude, 2014 will be a great year for movies. I can’t wait for what’s in store for this year and I’m going to try to get out as much as I can while also trying to start my career. I don’t know what my future has in store, but I hope it has something to do with this.

Thanks for following my website,

Paul Carriere

This dogs halloween costume is perfect !


I was shown this picture at my volunteer job yesterday by the friend. For the rest of the day, I couldn’t get it out of my head and I couldn’t get a hold of the picture to show it to everybody, but here it is ! This dogs has the privilege of being Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball, and I got to admit, whoever came up with this idea is just brilliant. Not only is it original and hilarious, but it actually makes so much sense and couldn’t have been done better. I don’t think I’ll be able to top this off, so I just won’t even wear a Halloween costume. I feel like this can’t be beat.

SIT DOWN ! You’re blocking my Scarlett Johansson trailer.


Have you ever decided to go see a blockbuster film on it’s opening night? You went to the theatre an hour before the film, having to wait in the huge line up that waits in front of your theatre. You show up early enough to get a good spot, and as you look behind, you see the line growing and growing. You are aloud to go in, and you see people in the front of the line, running for a seat, and you follow and get a seat in the middle of the theatre. It’s 7:00 and you movie starts. Theatre is almost sold out. There’s nowhere to sit but the front section. People start rolling in mid previews, walking up those stairs trying to look for seats in the dark, and they just stand there, looking for a seat for a good 2 minutes. Distracting much? You tell me.

A little bit of advice: If you are going to see a movie like The Dark Knight on a Saturday evening, and decide to show up 10 minutes after the trailers start, expecting to get good seats, you might as well just stay home. Your head is a big one, and is evidently in my way. ¬†We’ve all had these moments. I work at a movie theatre, and when a movie is close to being sold out, we announce it on a PA system. Refunds just slow down the lines even more and we try to avoid them at all cost, but it lets you know it’s “front section” only or “sold out”.

AVX and I MAX offer reserved seating, which is quite beautiful. It doesn’t hurt paying an extra $3 to get reserved seating, wall to wall screen, crystal clear picture, surround sound…it’s just worth it. It also makes me less annoyed to know that you are aware of where you are going to seat, so you’re not standing there looking for a seat while I try to watch a beautiful Scarlett Johansson movie trailer for 2:30 minutes.

This isn’t a big problem. I’m just trying to help you realize that you won’t always get the best seat in the house. You get an A for effort, but come on ! It’s Scarlett Johansson. I’m pretty sure the guys get my point.

Why I hate seeing movies in theatres


It’s was a cool Thursday evening when my buddy and I decided to go see ‘Insidious: Chapter 2. Him and I usually go see Horror movies together. The late night showings are usually the best, as we walk home at midnight, talking about what just transpired on screen, while jumping at the littlest things such as a cat walking across the street. I remember muttering to him while walking to the theatre before the film about how much I hate seeing Horror movies.

There’s always someone to ruin it for you. Someone who laughs at a scene to make themselves feel a little less scared, or someone who makes a snarky remark, just to act cool around his friends, or his girlfriend, or even someone who gets so scared that they jump up and yell something completely evident like “Oh my God ! he has a knife !.” I made sure to play it safe while watching Insidious 2…or so I thought.

It was 15 minutes before the film, and we were the first ones to enter the theatre. While I usually sit in the middle of the theatre, which is ultimately the best seats in the house, I chose to sit about 4 or 5 rows from the bottom to avoid the crowd that would probably either sit around me or close to the top.

5 minutes before the film started, it was getting a little bit busier, but there was still no one around us. I was happy to know that my movie experience wasn’t going to be altered by a big group of obnoxious people, commenting on every scary scene and talking, not whispering, during the film. Well, I seemed to have maybe jinxed myself. A group of maybe 6 or 7 walked in and sat right behind us. The commercial/trailers started, and they were talking out loud. I asked my buddy if he wanted to move, but he said “no”, which is understandable considering it was just the commercials/trailers.

The movie started, and one of the guys behind me started explaining the first film to the girl right next to him, as she had no idea what was going on. I was getting a little peeved, as the opening scene was the beginning of an interesting story, and hearing this guys soundtrack was just the most annoying thing ever.

They stopped until the scary scenes started to commence, which also commenced laughing and commenting on how scary the particular scene was. The talking continued throughout the whole movie, as the guys were doing their all to impress the girls they brought.

I tried, with every ounce of me, to enjoy the film. I succeeded as I took my girlfriends advice that she always would give me every time this happens during a film we watch. “Just tune them out”, she says to me as I comment about how much I really just want to tell these people to shut up.

It’s the end of the movie, and as we are walking out, I tell my buddy that I enjoyed the movie, in which he replies “yeah, but these people behind me would not shut up. I just wanted to turn around and say go outside and have a conversation”. My buddy and I, who I’ve seen many Horror movies with, have had fears of this happening before a movie, but thankfully, we avoid the obnoxious and the noisy very well.

We saw ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ back in February, which was my poor judgement after deciding to not see Django Unchained for the 2nd time with him, which he hadn’t seen yet. We were having a good time, smiling while the crowd would laugh, who found the movie just as terrible as we did. They weren’t laughing cause we were trying to defuse the tension, they were laughing cause it was so terrible, it was hilarious. That was maybe the only time I could think of where the crowd was obnoxious.

We pay the $12.00 to see Horror movies because some of us love the tension horror movies bring. We sit there and we just love to get scared. Obviously, people aren’t always going to think like me, which is why the bigger suspense is if someone’s going to ruin the Horror movie for you rather than the Horror movie itself. This is why I hate seeing movies, particularly horror movies, in theatres.

Being a movie lover gives you the gift of losing yourself in the films that you are watching. We go into an alternate reality as soon as the lights dim. I don’t want you to be in my reality, but in reality, it’s not my reality for me to make that decision. Just please, have some courtesy and be quiet while we share this reality together for the low price of $12.00, and for whatever we paid for concessions.

For the record, I’m not bitter. I just love my movies.