My top 10 movies of 2013


With 2013 already long gone, I’m excited to know what 2014 will bring for movies. In my opinion, I don’t think 2013 was a great year for movies, but it picked up in the fall. Anyways, I know I’m late to the game, but here are my top 10 movies of 2013.

1. 12 Years A Slave

2. Gravity

3. Prisoners

4.The Conjuring

5. The Way, Way Back

6. Frozen

7. Catching Fire

8. This Is The End

9. Despicable Me 2

10. The Great Gatsby

Also, I would like to list my top 10 WORST films of 2013. This year, I saw the worst film I’ve ever seen. It was an accomplishment I’ve not too proud of, but I can label it the worst film ever. To make it worse, I saw this film over seeing Django Unchained for the second time. Pretty bad choice eh?

10. Monsters University

9. Red 2

8. Oz: The Great and Powerful

7. Lone Ranger

6. We’re The Millers

5. Live Free Or Die Hard

4. Pacific Rim

3. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

2. The Hangover 3

1. Texas Chainsaw 3D