David O. Russell’s American Hustle Trailer.

So you got a movie staring Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adam and Jennifer Lawrence, which is a new drama film directed by David O. Russell, who directed Silver Linings Playbook, The Fighter and Three Kings. It doesn’t get any better then this. It will be released Christmas 2013. I’m looking forward to this one. David O. Russell never disappoints. Check out the trailer !

Catching Fire trailer !

We got the new Catching Fire trailer. The much anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games. This is probably my most anticipated movie of the Fall. The Hunger Games was incredible. The book was also incredible, but I have yet to read Catching Fire. I will finish the book series before Catching Fire comes out. Anyways, enjoy !

Star Wars News


Attention Jedi masters ! We’ve got some news coming out of the Star Wars vaults ! Star Wars Episode VII will start to shoot this August under the production alias Foodles. Other Star Wars films have used aliases, such as Return Of The Jedi, which was produced under the alias Blue Harvest. Episode VII alias has some Disney connections. Foodles are Disney-related snack packs for children, which consist of mickey mouse ears and filled with other assortments of goodies.

I’m very excited for this one. I love JJ Abrams. My only problem consists of the fact that it’s Disney. Star Wars has always been dark and I’m hoping it doesn’t get watered down just because it’s a Disney film, but I’m going to stick to the positives because I’m just that excited.

It was announce within the last week that acclaimed composer John Williams would return to compose the film, which is amazing considering his score is a huge part of the Star Wars films. It makes every scene that much epic and I must say, I’m super excited to hear any new stuff he’s going to have for the film.

There are rumors that Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling have offered roles in the film. I’d be excited to see Ryan Gosling play a Jedi. He’s a great actor and I believe he would be amazing for Star Wars. To have Zac Efron in Star Wars would seem a little odd. I feel he’d be a little out of place and it just wouldn’t feel like a Star Wars movie. He just doesn’t seem like he could pull off a role like this, but I may feel this way because I’ve only seen him in chick flicks.

There was reports that there won’t be a lot of CGI. They want to find real places and do whatever they can to film the movie with less CGI as possible. I’m excited to know how that’s going to work out. The original trilogy was just filmed in real places with special effects. I’m hoping they can try that in this film to make it feel as real as possible.

Star Wars Episode VII is eyeing a 2015 release date so we still have a long way to go. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on all the Star Wars related news.

Best and worst films of 2013 so far

I know 2013 isn’t over yet, but I feel the need to list my top 10 best and 5 worst films of 2013 so far. With the summer approaching an end and all the blockbusters have been released, we really have nothing left to look forward to until Oscar season. This summer was lackluster, at best, and let’s hope next summers releases will bring back the summers we’ve been looking forward to.



10) Iron Man 3-Robert Downey Jr IS Iron Man. He is probably the main reason why I go watch these movies. He brings something to a superhero role that I’ve never seen before. Iron Man had everything. Action, romance, drama, Comedy. I felt there should of been more action though, and more of Iron Man in his suit.

9) Fast And Furious 6-The Fast And The Furious franchise is one of the most successful franchises, and who knew that, by the sixth movie, the franchise would still be kicking as much as it is. Full of dumb action and a few great one liners, Fast Six is one of those movies where you just don’t care how cheesy the acting is. The action is so over the top, and you expect it.

8) Star Trek: Into Darkness-I never watched Star Trek as a kid, but I’ve grown attached to these remakes. Directed by the ever-so-talented JJ Abrams. This installment brought more emotion than, at times, some of us could handle. I was brought to tears during a few scenes. Benedict Cumberbatch was a great villain and the threat level for our favorite ship crew was higher than it’s ever been. I can’t wait for the third one !

7) Pain And Gain-I know many thought this one was a disappointment, but I thought the performances were great. We got to see The Rock play a Jesus-freak cocaine addict. He was great in this movie, and so was the rest of the cast. The story did get a little disturbing at the end as the violence kicked in and we knew it was all based on a true story, but some of it made for good entertainment. It was just unfortunate this all actually happened

6) Evil Dead-I remember walking out of Evil Dead wanting more. It was so stylish and well done, and you felt for the main characters. A disturbing, gory thrill ride is what I’d refer to it as, not this “most terrifying movie you’ve ever seen” tag line you see on the posters. If you’re a horror fan then go into it and have some fun.

5) This Is The End-All my favorite comedic actors in one hilarious movie about the end of the world? How do you say no to that? This Is The End was one of the most outrageous movies of the year. It was thrilling, and sometimes gross, but you couldn’t help but love those actors. There were tons of surprises and great cameos. If you haven’t checked this one out yet, you definitely should.

4) Despicable me 2– We all love minions. Me especially. They make it impossible for you to not love this movie, and of course, you got Steve Carell voicing Gru. the villain-turned-hero who becomes a father to three little girls. The minions stole the show and I am especially excited for the Minion movie spin-off. This is one you shouldn’t miss if you love the cutesy type movies.

3) The Great Gatsby– You got to love Leo. He’s made such spectacular movies and has disappeared into almost every role he’s played in. He transforms into Gatsby. A man who is looking for his long lost love, and ends up finding an excuse to see her through her cousin, played by Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire. I haven’t read the book, but I’ve heard the movie is a spot on adaptation. The music was amazing and had your feet tapping and you hearts melting. It was beautiful to watch.

2) The Conjuring– For horror fans looking for a horror movie with a great story, this is one for you. It’s not packed with jump scares or gory scenes. It leaves you on the edge of your seat the entire movie. You feel for all the characters involved and you’re just so terrified for them. The little you know, the more scared you’ll be.

1) The Way, Way Back-Great performances, a relatable story and some amazing writing has brought me to the end of my top 10 best movies of 2013 so far. The Way, Way Back was a homage to my childhood. A movie that brought a tear to my eye, whether it was from laughing too hard or feeling bad for the main character. I have expressed my love for Steve Carell, and I feel like my love has grown deeper with his performance. I will also be checking out more of Sam Rockwell’s films. An actor, who I feel, is very underrated.


5) Monsters University– Monsters Inc didn’t need a prequel. If it needed anything, it’d be a sequel, but even that wouldn’t be something I NEEDED to see. Monster University has great animation, but at times, it felt boring and unfunny. Pixar has gone downhill since Toy Story 3. I have faith it will bring it’s A-game next year.

4) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone– Oh Steve Carell ! You’re way better then this. For awhile, I had high expectations. Knowing I’d see Jim Carrey again in a movie was exciting. Unfortunately, it had to be this unfunny comedy about two rival magicians battling for top spot. Just a stupid movie altogether.

3) Oz: The Great And The Powerful– I love the Wizard Of Oz. It was dark and magically. I can’t say the same for Oz: The Great And The Powerful. If Disney didn’t make it, I’m sure it would have been better. It felt very “Disney” to me. The Wizard Of Oz was an epic. It didn’t need any prequels or sequels. It is amazing on it’s own. Let’s hope they don’t make a sequel to this one.

2) A Good Day To Die Hard– I will NEVER refer to this as a Die Hard sequel. I understand Bruce Willis plays John McClaine and the title has Die Hard in it but i will NEVER refer to this as a Die Hard sequel. Even Bruce Willis seemed like he didn’t want to be in this one. Let’s hope the next one is better so we can forget this ever happened.

1) Texas Chainsaw 3D– After leaving the theater, I felt very disappointed. Everybody in the theater was laughing at it. It was not scary at all. The originals were some of the most terrifying movies I’ve ever seen, but this was just a piece of crap. It felt like a really bad Saw sequel. The story made no sense at all. Just skip this one, I beg of you !

What are your best and worst films of 2013 so far? Let me know in the comment box below.

Top 5 buddy cop films

With 2 guns coming out Friday, I feel it’s necessary to rate the top 5 buddy cop movies. We all love a good shoot em up buddy cop movie, where the duo don’t get along to begin with, but grow fond of each other and end up saving each others lives.

5) Bad Boys (1995)-We all love Will Smith and we all love Martin Lawrence and the two together is comedic gold. Two fast talking cop getting themselves in trouble. Mixed with Michael Bay action sequences and two great comedic performances. Bad boys is one of those buddy cop movies we will never forget.


4) Lethal Weapon (1987)-Back in the day, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were the ones to watch. Before Mel Gibson had his legal troubles and Danny Glover fell off the face of the earth, they played Martin Riggs and Rogers Murtaugh. Two cops who would always have each others backs. They began hating working in pairs, but later ending up having great chemistry.

Lethal Weapon

3) The Other Guys (2010)– Who knew Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell would have such great chemistry? Two cops with desk jobs. One who just wants to get out there and fight crime and another just content with his desk job. The Other Guys is one hilarious thrill ride. The unlikely pair of Wahlberg and Ferrell was a big success as we were left wishing for more.

The Other Guys

2) 21 Jump Street (2012)– Speaking of unlikely pairs, you got Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. One actor who hasn’t been in many comedies and the other with a resume of hilarious roles. You put these two together and you get one of the funniest buddy comedies ever made. It was a big overhyped when it came out, but it makes for a great re-watch and is dependent on laughs.

21 jump street

1) Rush Hour (1997)-Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan. A fast talking man from the west who meet an asian crime fighter from the east. Rush Hour has stood the test of time and has been the go-to movie for people who just want to see two guys go at it and make fun of each other. The action and thrills are also just as exciting, making for an amazing buddy action-comedy.

Rush hour

For those of you who are interested, catch 2 Guns, staring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, on Friday August 2nd.