‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ has found it’s director

 Bryan Singer

Good news ‘X-Men’ fans ! Bryan Singer will be back to direct the next installment in the ‘X-Men’ franchise.

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge X-Men fan, but I did enjoy ‘X-Men:First Class’ and ‘X-Men:Days Of Futures Past. Bryan Singer, who directed the first two ‘X-Men’ films and ‘Days Of Futures Past’, just recently had his sexual assault case dropped and is looking to move on with the franchise. This is great news, considering what he brought to Days Of Futures Past, which was one of the best films in the franchise. I will be keeping you updated on whether Channing Tatum will be making a cameo as Gambit. He will be staring in his own film, but the release date for the ‘Gambit’ film has yet to be announced.

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ will be released May 27th, 2016 and James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicolas Hoult and Hugh Jackman will all be returning.

What did you watch?


On the first edition of what did you watch, I bring nothing to the table in terms of films. The weekend was a busy one for me and as much as I wanted to see some of the new releases, I didn’t get the chance to. I should be checking out ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ on Wednesday, so expect a review for that within the week.

At home, I do have a pile of films sitting on my desk that I still need to watch. Hopefully, I get to finally watch ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and ‘Awakenings’, as well as a repeat viewing of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. NHL pre season starts tonight and I feel obligated to watch my ever-so-inconsistent Maple Leafs start off with a couple of W’s. Unfortunately, Pre-season doesn’t count for anything, but I love hockey, so it’s not a total waste of time

What did you watch this weekend? Anything you recommend seeing?

Let me know in the comments.

How many times did you see Guardians Of the Galaxy?

In my opinion, and probably the opinion of others, this summer lacked movie magic. There wasn’t many movies that were worth seeing, and the ones that were predicted to do well either didn’t or were hated my critics and audiences(Transformers:AOE, TMNT).

Once August hit, I felt like the summer of movies was over. There was nothing to look forward to and most movies, with the exception of “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” and “22 Jump Street”, were complete letdowns.

I was never excited to see “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. I thought it looked stupid and Marvel films were just getting a little too much for me. However, after reading reviews and walking into a theatre where baby Groot is dancing to Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”, I decided to give it a chance. Besides, I get free movies anyway right? I never thought I’d love the movie so much that I would end up seeing it 5 times in theatres. It was action packed, hilarious, heart-warming and suspenseful and that, to me, is what a summer movie should be. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. If you have, check it out again.

Hopefully, within the next few months, I’ll be seeing more indie dramas. I really would love to check out “Boyhood”, which I heard is fantastic, and “Frank”, which I also heard is fantastic.

So my questions of the day are:

How many times have you seen Guardians?

And is there anymore you’ve seen more than 3 times?

‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ will be the biggest movie of 2014

'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' will be the biggest movie of 2014

‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ will be released tomorrow with special screenings starting tonight. The film isn’t getting good reviews, being criticized for it’s runtime, script and plot. In other words, it’s just another Michael Bay movie and reviews won’t stop audiences from coming out to enjoy Bay-hem. The ‘Transformers’ movies have made almost $3 billion worldwide, even with most of the movies not being well received by critics.

I’m predicting ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ will make more than $110 million during it’s opening weekend, which will be the biggest opening of 2014, second to ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ $95 million debut. One of the biggest additions to this franchise is the addition to Mark Wahlberg, who replaces Shia LaBeouf as the lead character. Everyone seems to love fighting robots and that’s definitely something these movies don’t lack…and don’t forget the Bay-hem explosions !

The first ‘Transformers’ film $709 million worldwide with a $70.5 million opening weekend, which ‘Revenge Of The Fallen’ and ‘Dark Of The Moon’ made $836 million worldwide and $1.1 billion worldwide. I expect ‘Age Of Extinction’ to cross the $1 billion mark, considering it’s being released in I MAX 3D and regular 3D formats.

Check out ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ teaser

There isn’t really much to this trailer, but there’s enough for me to get excited about what’s to come. The trailer is basically a PSA from President Snow, threatening anyone who’s going to rebel against the capital. The scariest thing about this trailer is seeing one of the main characters, Peeta, standing right next to President Snow, as if he is Snow’s right hand man. The first part of the two part finale will be released November 21st, 2014, with the second part being released November 20th, 2015.

Here’s the trailer for the Brad Pitt war film ‘Fury’

I’m a sucker for War films. They always seem to get to me emotionally more than most films do. Just the thought of these people leaving their families and sacrificing their lives gives me the chills. End of Watch director David Ayer directs ‘Fury’, a film about a tank commander and his crew of five as they make their final push through Germany. Outnumber and outgunned, the crew must work together to survive their deadly mission. ‘Fury’ stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Scott Eastwood, Jon Bernthal and Jason Issacs. The film will be released November 14th, 2014.